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Zion Paint-by-Numbers Kit


Zion Paint-by-Numbers Kit


30% Off Multiple Paint by Numbers

  • Paint your very own image of the Zion Narrows with this easy-to-follow paint by numbers kit! 


    Image size: 16x20 inches


    What's Included?
    Everything you need except a cup of water & paper towel!

    • Painting template on loose canvas
    • 28 acrylic paint colors
    • Brushes
    • Instructions and reference image

    Pictured frame is NOT included.


    How does paint-by-numbers work?
    You'll receive a painting template with outlines like you see in a coloring book, but each shape will be labeled with a number. You'll also receive a set of numbered paints. Match the paint with the corresponding sections on the template and create your very own painting! 


    Available exclusively from Danika Ostrowski's Art Studio.

    Please use your kit within 6 months of purchase. Left unused, paint will begin to dry out over time.

  • Ships in 2-5 business days.

    All items are final sale. Please contact with questions about your order.

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