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New Landscape Paintings

I finally finished digging through all the photos I took on my adventures from a few weeks ago. I spent hours editing and organizing these images before working on my latest series. I’ve been experimenting with different subject matter, color palettes, and techniques lately and have had some pretty great results!

I am really loving both the process of creating and the final outcomes of these colorful landscape paintings inspired by the Big Bend area of Texas. They are different from the work I have been producing recently, which I think is a good thing. I needed some sort of change of pace and this has been perfect!

big bend painting danika ostrowski

The purpose in these landscapes is first and foremost to capture the vibrant and near-unnatural colors that are present in the mountains of the Big Bend area. I tried over and over to shoot photographs that displayed the beautiful color palette of the mountains but no picture was able to portray the scenery as I was experiencing it. This series of paintings captures the majesty and beauty I experienced in the area and attempts to capture the unbelievable colors present in the landscape.

I have also been creating what I am calling “Mountain Minis.” These little 8″x8″ canvases have been a blast to paint and I think their small size fits well with the “Tiny Texas” theme.

I am still trying to perfect my technique with these and will continue to paint more mini and smaller pieces, hopefully leading to a very large and epic mountain landscape in the near future.

I am also happy to announce that I will be exhibiting in the Artist’s Showcase at Texas Reds Festival in Downtown Bryan next weekend! The festival has an incredible lineup of musicians, artists, wineries and more! Anyone in the area should check it out and stop by my booth to say hi and see my new work! You can learn more about the festival here.

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