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Studio Updates - April 28


I have been in a creative rut this week! Tight deadlines and long hours have worn me down and it is time for a short break! I plan to visit nearby Texas State Parks over the next few days to clear my head and hopefully find some new inspiration.

That being said, I did manage to finish these fun pieces last week.

Wine & Roses Festival - Messina Hof

Last Saturday I participated as a vendor at the Messina Hof Wine and Roses Festival in addition to having a finalist painting in the wine label competition. The festival was great fun, with plenty of wine, food, music and grape stomping!

messina hof

Organization Emergency

After traveling with my artwork two weekends in a row, this is what my studio had become:

Where is the floor?! It was terrifying.

I am happy to report that I have completely reorganized and my little studio is back in business! My favorite part is the pegboard storage systems my dad helped me make last year.

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