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Badlands Residency: Week 3

Week three flew by in the blink of an eye. I've completed all my school programs and am entering my last week here.

Part of my residency requires me to donate a piece to the park. I've come up with the concept for my donation: I photographed the same location every hour for all 12 hours of sunlight. I'll be creating a series of paintings exhibiting the changing of colors and light over time. I'm excited to start working on it.

I had a few really gorgeous days here this week and seized the opportunity to paint outdoors. I've been working on these tiny color studies - they're 4x6 and 5x5 inches, respectively.

badlands color study

ostrowski plein air painting

badands plein air painting

I also worked on a few studio paintings. This one is a little different from most of my recent work, but I really love the movement in it. I see these plants sticking straight up out of the prairie grasses all over the place here. I find the contrast between the two absolutely fascinating, visually speaking. I learned this is an invasive, non-native species. It is spreading and taking over areas of the wild prairie here, a common issue with several invasive plant species.

badlands landscape painting

"Castle Trail" • 30x40 inches • acrylic on canvas

As I am down to my last week here, I am hoping to get outdoors again and paint on location - hopefully more in the sage creek area. I have a few more studio paintings I am hoping to tackle before I leave as well.

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