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Next Step: Traveling Texas

I’m going on an adventure! I have found myself driving around Texas quite a bit lately and can’t help but be completely inspired by the views from the inside of my vehicle as I drive by the open pastures and crawl through the speed traps of tiny towns. So that’s my next big project: Tiny Texas. And yes, I am aware that everything is supposed to be bigger in Texas (and it really is!), but this is about the smalle, less-publicized areas of the state.

This isn’t new on my list of things I love. I have done several paintings of the open skies and fields I grew up seeing on the recurring drive between my home in Houston and our family ranch outside of Navasota.

Anyone who has grown up in the Lone Star State has probably been through their fair share of tiny Texas towns, and knows that there is something unique about them. They are all just bursting at the seems with old-time, classic Texas character. They have a lot of similarities, but at the same time they all have very unique stories, people, history, architecture, charm, and the list goes on. So I am setting out on a mission to travel to as many as I can over the next few weeks and find out what it is about these towns and the vast and beautiful spaces in between them that is so appealing. I will be gathering images as I go along and learning about each one as the inspiration for my next painting series.

Follow me on Instagram to see some of my favorite sights as I start traveling Texas – I’ll be posting about my adventures.

And please comment if you have any suggestions on awesome towns to visit!

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