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Big Bend End

This past weekend I wrapped up my Tiny Texas journey (for now) by driving out all the way to the Big Bend area of Texas (with my wonderful boyfriend who didn’t complain at all about the million photos I stopped to take.) This was the vacation I truly needed. With limited internet access and vast, open plains, I was able to clear my head after a busy summer just before I return to a loud and fast-paced last semester. Everything seemed to slow down, quiet down, and calm down in the west. There were less people, fewer decisions and incredible scenery. The tranquility of the area allowed me to really take in all the beauty the Earth has to offer and let the creative juices start flowing.

big bend country texas

prada marfa

davis mountains texas

cactus in davis mountains texas

chisos mountains big bend

Overall, the trip to Big Bend could not have been a more perfect way for me to end my Tiny Texas travels. I have gathered an incredible amount of inspiration and reference images over the past week and a half and have rejuvenated my energy and excitement for the next few months. I am working on a few mini gouache paintings right now, warming up and planning out some larger acrylic pieces that I am ecstatically anticipating.

These are some (not great quality) images of a few of the gouache paintings I am working on!

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